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These Websites and WebPages contain links to Quotes, Poetry and items of general interest. These links are based on our searches as well as links submitted to us. We have peroused these sites and recommend them for their valuable content. Whilst we organized Reciprocal Links with most of these sites, we wish to express that we do not manage these sites or their content and do not make any endorsements or other warranties pertaining to them.

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"The growth of wisdom may be gauged exactly by the diminution of ill temper."
- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) German Philosopher, Poet

eCards & Greeting Cards

  1.  -
    Free Christmas Ecards.
  2. All-Yours Free Greeting Cards  -
    Free greetings and digital postcards.
  3. free e-cards  -
    Free e-cards for birthday, friendship, love and many more categories and occassions.
  4. Free E-Cards Online  -
    A collection of free electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  5. Free Online Greetings  -
    Free Online Greetings is a free greeting card sites for everyone. No credit card needed. Absolutely Free!.
  6.  -
    Celebrate your Friendship by sending Friendship E-cards, Quotes, Poems and all absolutely Free.
  7. Free Fun Greetings  -
    Collection of Free E-cards. Love, Birthday, Funny Pictures and more.
  8.  -
    Free ecards for various occasions, including Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and many others.
  9. Greetings april fool card  -
    Being li'l naughty, playing a prank on someone,confusing people with riddles and brain-teasers.everything's fair when it comes down to April Fool's Day! So reach out to friends, family, loved ones with funny and humorous April Fool's Day cards. Have a day full of fun and joy.
  10. USA Greetings  -
    Free Greeting Cards, eCards, Photo Greetings and Quotations for all occasions.

Reference & Resources

  1. 24 Hour Translations - Latin Resources  -
    Latin Dictionary, Latin Glossary, Roman Numerals, Latin translators, and more.
  2. Bartleby's Reference  -
    The best of both contemporary and classic reference works into the most comprehensive public reference library ever published on the web.
  3. Business English UK - Learn in England  -
    Company located in England provides links to professional English and business English learning facilities and training courses in the UK.
  4.  -
    A one-stop site for all things Internet including news, weather, sports, reference, encyclopedia (50 areas), facts on file, FAQs, tutorials, search engines and much more.
  5.  -
    Memoirs & Biographies of Celebrities.
  6. Net eBook Library  -
    This Multi-Terabyte server network is the world's largest digital archive of PDF eBooks and eDocuments.
  7. New York Public Library  -
    Has an excellent quotations research guide online.
  8. Greendoor Publishing  -
    Contemporary Poetry and Fiction. Online Publishing and Editing.
  9. Google Directory  -
    Provides categories containing quotations on inspiration, relationships, wisdom and many more.
  10. Yahoo! Directory  -
    Provides dictionary, encyclopedia, quotation and world fact resources.